Using Abaqoos Payment System for Online Casinos

Abaqoos Online Casinos – A Guide to Payment Systems

abaqoos casinosWe’re always amazed by the number and variety of payment systems for online casinos worldwide. While digging through information on online casinos, we came across the Abaqoos payment system. Exploring deeper, we found it to be one of the more original payment methods and almost ideal for online wagering.

Abaqoos is a voucher system that essentially seems designed for online gamblers. The catch: Abaqoos is limited; it is based in Hungary and available mostly to the residents of that country. We say mostly, because there are hints that banks outside of Hungary may support Abaqoos. We just couldn’t find them. But Abaqoos is accepted by dozens of online casinos, many in the United Kingdom.

At any rate, from what we could see, it might be worthwhile to stop by a couple of banks the next time you’re in Central Europe and see if you can grab up an Abaqoos voucher. It’s that valuable a payment tool for online wagering.

Availability of Abaqoos Banking

The drawback with Abaqoos – one of the few we could find – is that it is simply not too widespread and available. Based in Hungary and for Hungarians, there are a few banks in that country listed as issuers. They are: Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank, K&H Bank, Hungarian Post Office, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, Unicredit Bank and Raiffeisen Bank. Now, banking restrictions vary, so there may be other banks in neighboring Central European countries that issue Abaqoos vouchers, simply because of the convenience. You can also go to the Abaqoos website and register to find out. But if you live in the United Kingdom, don’t expect it to be readily available. Whether or not you can transfer money from your bank into one of the banks above and go from there is also doubtful. With the variety of banking laws in different nations, it may be worth a try. Then there’s the issue of currency conversion. Abaqoos works with the Hungarian Forint (HUF), and charges associated with conversion may throw up a roadblock.

Advantages of Abaqoos for Online Casinos

If you live in Hungary or can somehow obtain the Abaqoos voucher, you’re in good shape, because Abaqoos has a lot of advantages in the online gambling world. And it is supported in a number of UK casinos.

The first advantage is that, because it is a voucher, you don’t have to give the online casino any personal or banking information. Only Abaqoos handles that. So safety of your personal info and security of your money is assured.

Another advantage is that you can reload or recharge your balance at any time and as many times as you like. And there is no limit to the amount you can put in.

Then there is withdrawal. Many casino sites allow you to withdraw into Abaqoos as well as deposit. In turn, you can also withdraw from the Abaqoos voucher into your bank account. Any charges that come up depend on the bank.

Speed of transaction is always a factor with casino players, and the Abaqoos payment systems offers that feature, too. Your bank may be slow, but Abaqoos usually reflects a transaction within five minutes.

Getting and using Abaqoos

Obtaining the Abaqoos payment system is relatively easy. You will have to sign up for an e-wallet through the Abaqoos website. You will be given a username which you will have to use with each transaction. From there, you can go to an online casino that accepts Abaqoos. When you go to deposit at the website, you are prompted to select a payment method as usual. When you select the Abaqoos payment method, you are redirected to the Abaqoos website. Then simply log on to the Abaqoos e-wallet, enter the username, and make the payment by directing it to go to the casino.


We like voucher payment systems, and we’re not sure if the banking regulations in Hungary simply allow for one so accommodating to the online casino business. But Abaqoos is an online gambler’s dream. If you’re in Hungary of can get your hands on one of these, we’d recommend it with envy.