Top Rated Cheque Casinos – How to Mail a Cheque to Gambling Sites

Where to gamble online using a chequeTo younger readers the notion of a cheque might be a foreign one. The payment method has fallen out of fashion lately, replaced with more convenient, quicker options. However, several online casinos will still accept cheques for deposits. The process by which cheques are used at online casinos is very different to other, more common deposit methods, so we will detail it fully here. Cheque casinos offer various benefits, including unlimited transaction limits, zero fees and most importantly, security.

Making a deposit at cheque casinos

Before you begin thinking about making a deposit at a cheque casino, you will first need to make sure you have a chequing bank account. Most banks these days do not issue cheque books as standard but they are usually available on request when setting up the majority of accounts. If you are determined to use a cheque casino but do not have a cheque book already, then pop down to your bank’s local branch and request to set up a chequing account. This will not be an instant process.

After you have the necessary bank account, you will next need to confirm that the casino you wish to use actually accepts cheques. Unfortunately, you will likely come across several that do not but many of the biggest names in the industry will accept and process them. The websites listed on this page will definitely accept cheques, so you need not look too far to find one you can use your account at.

Mailing a Cheque to a Gambling Website

Cheque Deposits

The next step is to register at an online casino, this will involve a standard sign up process in which you will need to provide your name, address, email address, username, and password. After submitting the relevant information, you will be asked to verify your email address. To do this, simply visit your email account and open the email you should have just received from the casino you just registered at. Follow the confirmation link contained, and you should be automatically directed to the casino’s cashier section. Under the ‘deposit’ section you should see a list of accepted deposit options, including ‘cheque’.

Select ‘cheque’ and you will be presented with a sheet of payment information. You must make your cheque payable to the name and account detailed here, and fill in the amount you wish to deposit. You should also see details relating to where to post depositing cheques to. For example, some casinos detail how to go about sending your cheque via FedEx. While this is definitely a secure option, it is not a free one. It therefore may not be cost effective to courier small amounts, whereas cheques for larger deposits will likely be worth the small expense of a courier. Some online casinos will also cover this fee as long as you deposit above a predetermined amount (IE: £250+).

Once you have filled out your cheque and sent it off to the relevant address, all there is to do is wait. Both postage and the time it takes for your cheque to clear with a casino take time, so this method is absolutely not the most convenient. The time it takes for your funds to reach your account will typically take a week, but that time can increase depending upon what country you reside in.

Advantages of using a cheque casino

No minimum or maximum transaction amounts

One of the major advantages of using a cheque casino is the lack of restrictions on deposit amounts. You can pretty much send as much or as little as you like using the method. This is beneficial to both the recreational and serious player alike.


Another major selling point of the traditional cheque is the lack of fees associated with their use. Transactions (both deposits and withdrawals) are completely free using most bank accounts. Naturally, this is a very attractive for online casino players.


Everyone is cautious nowadays when sending credit card details to any website, but especially an online casino. Sending a cheque is extremely secure and the casino won’t have your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card details on file.

Disadvantages of using a cheque casino

One of the major reasons for their dwindling popularity is the fact that the cheques disadvantages outweigh the advantages for many people. The advent of more sophisticated payment methods has rendered the cheque almost obsolete except for in special circumstances, or for making the biggest deposits.

Length of time taken to deposit and withdraw

The most striking disadvantage to the payment method is definitely the amount of time it takes for a payment to be processed. From writing the cheque itself to the funds being received in your online account, the wait can be as long as twenty-eight days. To many this is just not acceptable and makes the payment method incredibly inconvenient. Withdrawals are just as bad too because they rely on exactly the same delivery and redeposit method. Clearly, cheques are not ideal for the casual gamer who wants to play instantly, but PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are speedy alternatives for players.

Fewer cheque casinos available to players

Owing to the time frame cheque casino users face, the payment method has fallen out of fashion in recent years. This is reflected by both the number of bank providers who still issue a cheque book as a standard part of their account packages, and also the number of casinos who actually accept cheques. More and more online gambling providers are realising how much of a pain cheques can be and as such are refusing to accept them. While this is the case, many online casinos still accept cheques, especially in countries where payment options are extremely limited.