Click2Pay Casinos – eWallet Gambling Deposits and Payouts

Using Click2Pay to gamble onlinee-Wallets, or electronic wallets, are becoming one of the most widely accepted payment methods at casinos. Just as their name implies, these handy inventions allow the user to access their own cash through a safe and secure third party to use at online casinos, shopping merchants, and other sites.

You can sign up easily for any number of electronic wallets through each issuer’s website and link either your bank details or card information to fund it.

With a few simple steps you can safely deposit casino funds once you have your e-Wallet account.

  1. Sign up to your preferred online casino, being sure to check their range of games, deposit bonuses, and other offerings.
  2. Set your deposit amount, ensuring it’s within the minimum and maximum limits.
  3. Select your preferred e-Wallet as your payment method, enter your username, Personal Access Number and how much you’d like to deposit.

e-Wallet processing time and fees for casinos

Payments made from your e-Wallet account will appear instantly in your casino account if using this method, provided you have the cash available. There may be fees applicable, however, each casino will differ on this amount.

Generally, there will be no charges for depositing funds, but a small fee may apply to withdrawals. Leo Vegas, for example, offers the first withdrawal free each month, and $3 for subsequent withdrawals. This is fairly standard practice for online casinos which accept e-Wallets deposits using Click2Pay, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal.

Registering for an e-Wallet is free, and signing up is simple. However, each e-Wallet may also charge their own fees when depositing, depending on the method you select. Credit card transactions (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) will attract higher fees, so often entering your bank details is ideal if you’re interested in avoiding fees.

Minimum and maximum transaction limits with e-Wallets

Again, each casino will have their own set limits of just how much is allowed to be deposited. The general amount is £5, however, there are some casinos that allow a £1 minimum.

E-wallets such as Click2Pay are generally known for allowing larger deposits, so this method suits high rollers and everyday players. Depending on the casino’s limits, players may be able to invest up to £100,000 at their chosen site for gambling fun.

Accepted currencies with e-Wallets

e-Wallets accept a wide range of currencies, including GBP (£) deposits, Australian Dollars, and more. Ensure that you choose a casino which plays in your preferred currency, otherwise, you may need to pay extra for a currency conversion fee. As this method becomes more widely accepted at online casinos, there will be an increasing amount of currencies available.

Casino payouts with e-Wallets

Click2Pay and other e-Wallets are one of the fastest methods for receiving your casino winnings, and once your payment has been processed by the casino you can normally see this amount instantly in your electronic wallet account.

The withdrawal amount will depend on each casino as some of these have strict limits on how much you can take per day, week or month. As with any reputable online casino, you will likely need to verify your identity before you can withdraw your cash.

Issuing bank rewards and security features

E-wallets such as Click2Pay are known for their incredible security features. In addition to the casino’s security measures, Click2Pay also has their own encryption technology in place for when you deposit funds to your e-Wallet account.

Many people prefer to use an e-Wallet as this means they don’t need to enter any private financial information at the online casino, adding an extra layer of security. As your details are only used to upload the initial funds to the account, there is no need to enter this at your chosen casino.

Popular e-Wallet issuers

While there are many e-Wallets available, there are a few that are particularly popular with online casinos. Both Skrill and Neteller are widely accepted at casinos and offer some of the best processing times and payment limits around.

When deciding on an e-Wallet, select one that suits your currency, deposit limits, and chosen online casinos. If you have a preferred casino you like to game at, check out their payment methods to see what’s on offer.

Confirming your identity at online casinos

All reputable casinos will require their players to confirm their identity, whether at the initial sign-up stage or when it comes time to withdraw their winnings. This will be done by providing a copy of an official identification document such as your passport, and helps to further protect you and the website from fraud.

When using an e-Wallet there may be a need to prove your identity further to the organisation when signing up to an account. Some of these even enforce a waiting period before larger amounts are able to be deposited as a safety precaution.

Why was my e-Wallet payment declined?

There may be occasions where your transaction is declined at an online casino when using an e-Wallet. Check through these steps before contacting your specific provider for more information.

  1. Did you enter the correct login information for your e-Wallet?
  2. If your e-Wallet uses a PIN, is this entered correctly?
  3. Do you have sufficient funds available in your e-Wallet account?

If all of your information seems correct and you have the funds available, speak first to your e-Wallet vendor before checking with a customer service member at your preferred casino site.

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