How to Play Craps Online at UK Casinos

Ever been “on a roll”? Sure you have, and it’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Well, you can get that feeling at the craps table – literally. It’s when you build on your bets, and the right numbers just keep rolling up. And then, you “crap out.” That’s the game of craps in a nutshell, and why it can be about the most fun of any game in the casino.

Craps is one of the oldest games in the world; it has been played ever since there have been six-sided dice. The game has moved from back rooms and alley ways, to casinos and all the way to the internet world, where it is still a mainstay. That means nowadays you can play craps at home on your PC, or on your mobile device, anywhere there is internet access available.

Online craps offers you a chance to learn the game, because it is easy to find casinos that offer craps in a free mode. And when you learn it, you’ll really want to get into craps for real money, because you’ll see how profitable it can be. Craps can bring just about the best odds in any casino.

The advantage of playing craps online

You’ll have no problem finding an online craps table, since most online casinos offer the game. And most any online casino will have a deposit and withdrawal system that works for you. Online casinos in the United Kingdom have long lists of deposit and withdrawal systems, from simple bank transfers, to credit and debit cards, to the more internet friendly e-wallet and third-party payment systems. You can even find online casinos that accept digital peer-to-peer currencies such as Bitcoin.

Craps can be fun and profitable, and playing craps online has its advantages.

First of all, the game moves along at a quick pace. In most online casino craps games, you’re the only one rolling, so you can go as fast as you want. If you choose, you can go along slowly, pausing to catch up to what just happened, and not worrying about holding someone up.

Then there’s the learning help you get. Move your pointer to any spot on an online craps table, and you’ll usually find out if you can bet there at any point in the round, and often get information on the payout odds for that particular play.

There’s also a bonus factor. If you can find a casino that likes its craps players, chances are you’ll find a nice bonus for craps. On the downside, craps offers such a nice return to player ratio that most casinos don’t reward craps players that well toward qualifying for the bonus. If you want to try to use a bonus, make sure you know the casino’s bonus requirements in terms of craps.

Inherently, the game of craps provides for good returns to players, more than 98 percent on some plays. Only blackjack can boast a comparable RTP.

Rules and tips for playing craps online

The best way to approach craps is on a learn-as-you-go basis. The rules may seem complicated and the table layout daunting. Basically it is a game in which the roll of the dice determines winners and losers. In general, good rolls are the numbers 7 and 11, and bad rolls, 2, 3 and 11. But the best – and safest – way to start playing craps is to remember two bets:

Pass line bet and the Odds bets

The pass line bet is made before the first, or come out, roll of a game, and is placed on a clearly marked area. The odds bet is made after the first roll. It is placed just behind the pass line bet. That’s it. You could play those two bets all day and get an extremely high return. Of course, you will find that it is more fun to spread your chips around and shoot for a return that can be even more lucrative. So, once you’ve played a few rounds, then consider the Come bet. You can make that bet basically after any roll. It’s the largest bet area on the table, so it is easy to find. You make that bet, and your chips will be moved to a point area reflecting the number that was just rolled. If that number is rolled again, you win.

As the play moves along, you will see how the chips are moved and the wins and losses are dealt. But if you simply remember the Pass, Odds and Come bets, you can have a lot of fun and see a lot of profit potential from just those three bets. You can then spread your bets further, and see if you get lucky. We don’t recommend proposition, hardway or field bets, but if you feel cocky, try them.

Playing craps the right way

Once you get into the game of craps, you’ll find that basic gambling rules apply. You should particularly pay attention to these when playing craps online:

Sticking to a system – We suggest you approach the game as above. But whatever system you devise, stick to it. Play it out, at least until you see how your returns come in. Then experiment, if you wish.

Money management – Online craps is a streaky game and can move quickly. When you’re spreading money around, you can lose it all in one roll. So keep an eye on your chip count and don’t let the betting get away from you.

Finding the right online craps site

Here are things you need to look for in casinos for craps:

Tables with high odds – The craps odds bet is one of the best bets in any casino, and the higher odds bets offered, the better for you. Some tables offer as much as 5X odds. That means if you place £10 on the pass line, your odds bet can be up to £50, depending on the ensuing number rolled. Those can cash in nicely.

Complete table layout – We’ve seen tables that don’t offer odds and certain other bets. Look for games that provide for as many options as you would find in a real casino. That way, you know the casino is not trying for a higher edge than it is entitled to.

Best craps bonuses – Some casinos really throw out the welcome mat for craps players. Look for special craps bonuses with relatively easy qualifying requirements. Make sure you know all of the Bonus Terms.

Fast, reliable payouts – You have a good chance at a handsome return at a craps table, so you want to find a casino that has a withdrawal system that is easy to use, is fast, and is reliable and secure. Look into the Cashier, Banking or Terms and Agreements sections of the casino to find out exactly how withdrawals work – the limits and other requirements.