Top Diners Club Casinos – Using Your Charge Card Online to Gamble

Using Diners Club at online casinos

As the original charge card, it transformed the notion of credit. Now, the Diners Club Card has grown into the internet age, is available for use around the globe and is accepted by online casinos far and wide. Originally issued as a card for use at restaurants in the 1950s, Diners Club evolved into a card for frequent travelers to use at hotels and with airlines. Now it is a card that can be used for all kinds of purchases, including at Diners Club casinos.

What is the Diners Club Card

Diners Club cards come in various forms, for use by individuals and businesses alike. But the Diners Club Card used by most consumers is a charge card that is paid off monthly, much like American Express. It is considered the classic charge card of the affluent and well-travelled and is revered for its perks and benefits. Its affiliation with MasterCard and Discover over the years has expanded its acceptance. Now online casinos are among the millions of merchants worldwide to accept Diners Club.

Advantages of using Diners Club at online casinos

Since you have to pay off the balance each month, a Diners Club Card serves as a useful tool to keep you abreast of gambling costs. You avoid the extra charges of the revolving credit that come with regular credit cards, and you are assigned a credit limit according to your finances or your preference. Diners Club is noted for its good customer support, solid security and its good reputation with casinos. Some casinos treat Diners Club users as VIPs. Diners Club also has a mobile app for people who travel.

How to get a Diners Club Card

Diners Club is available worldwide. It is easy to apply for one, and its requirements aren’t as strict as you might think. Residents of the United Kingdom, for instance, must have a UK bank account and an annual income of £20,000. You can apply through Diners Club online or fill out and mail an application. You receive the card within seven to ten business days.

Casinos that accept Diners Club

Diners Club has become more widely accepted in casinos in recent years, particularly since it became affiliated with MasterCard and Discover. While some casinos, promote Diners Club as a payment system, there are others displaying the MasterCard or Discover logos, which may also accept Diners. But it isn’t hard to find a casino that accepts the card. If you are in doubt, just check the casino’s deposit, banking or cashier tab to find out. The support division should be able to help, too. All of the Diners Club casinos on this page are your best bet when selecting an online casino.

Using your card at Diners Club casinos

Best Diners Club casinos

Diners Club Deposit Form

After finding a casino that accepts Diners Club, you simply go to the deposit or cashier tab and select Diners Club as your method of payment. If the Diners Club logo isn’t displayed, go through the MasterCard or Discover logo and enter your information there. Then enter the amount you want to deposit, and your request should be processed within minutes.


Withdrawing money may be a bit trickier for Diners Club users, because some casinos don’t offer Diners Club as a withdrawal option. That means you may have to withdraw through a wire transfer or have the casino mail you a cheque. The withdrawal process itself works quickly enough, usually within a day. It may take several days before the money hits your account, but that’s the norm with credit and charge card payouts at online casinos.

Diners Club fees

Other than the annual membership fee, Diners Club is generally a low-fee operation. The annual fee for the standard Diners Club Card is £50 for residents of the United Kingdom or $95 for people in the United States. If you don’t pay off the balance on time, you’ll be hit with a 3.5 percent late fee on the balance. You may also be charged a 3 percent international transaction fee for currency exchange. These of course do not include whatever fee the casino may charge.

Our recommendation

If you have a Diners Club Card already, it’s one of the best depositing methods for UK casino players. It is safe, reliable and well-respected in the online casino world. In some cases, Diners Club casino players receive special VIP perks too. Since there is a fee, we don’t recommend signing up for a Diners Club Card, especially if you already have a MasterCard or Visa.