Using iDebit to Deposit at Online Casinos with a Debit Card

Playing in online casinos using iDebitiDebit is a company that provides a service similar to e-wallets. The company is based in Canada and while the method is not widely accepted in the UK, it is an incredibly fast, secure, and easy deposit option. Unlike other eWallet services, such as Neteller and Skrill, iDebit does not require you to preload your account with funds in order to use it to make deposits at iDebit casinos.

How to use iDebit to fund online casino accounts

In contrast to other digital payment processors, iDebit is used through the cashier of the casino itself. First, sign up to your chosen casino by clicking the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ option. You will then be asked to provide some personal details, such as your name, address, email address, password, and username. After you have completed the information, you will likely need to sign in to your email address to confirm that your email address is genuine and belongs to you.

Once your email is confirmed and you are logged back in you will be automatically directed to the cashier to make a deposit. In order to use iDebit, select the option from the list. You will be presented with another form asking for a deposit amount. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and click ‘next’. You will be redirected to the iDebit site from where you will have two options.

Using iDebit for gambling deposits

iDebit Deposit Form

If you’ve never used iDebit before and don’t wish to create an account, you can ‘check out as a guest’. After choosing this option you’ll be asked to complete some information such as your name, age, address and date of birth. When you have entered the required data, click ‘next’ to enter your banking details.

On the following page you will be shown a drop-down box containing a list of supported banks. Choose the one you use and enter the requested details from your account. You will then be asked to answer various security questions based on your online banking login details. This is to ensure that you are actually the owner of the account and not attempting to fraudulently access someone else’s funds.

After you have satisfied iDebit that you are the owner of the account you are trying to access, you will be presented with a receipt for the amount you requested with CAD $1.50 added on. This is the fixed rate transaction fee that iDebit charges. To avoid deposit fees you can use PayPal, Skrill or Neteller e-wallets.

Once you have finished the process you will be asked if you want iDebit to save your details in order to speed up the process in the future. This is entirely up to you and makes little difference either way. The most security conscious out there may prefer to re-enter their details every time they make a transaction but ultimately the choice is yours.

The second option at the initial iDebit screen is to sign into your account. This is for returning users who have previously saved their details. It simply makes the already speedy process a little bit faster. Owing to iDebit’s active efforts to distance the casino from your bank, even people living in jurisdictions where gambling is illegal need not fear about storing their details with iDebit. The only transaction that will appear on your statement is one to iDebit and they will never disclose which accounts have been used to fund online casino accounts.

Advantages to gambling online using iDebit


Like many other payment providers, iDebit transactions are instant. Funds are withdrawn from your bank account and transferred to the casino provider in seconds. This allows you to start playing, rather than waiting for lengthy transactions to clear.

Low fixed rate fees

Being as the fees associated with iDebit are a fixed rate of CAD $1.50 the option is a competitive one when it comes to costs. While it is not free, when making any deposits over £100, the fixed rate ensures that you never get lumbered with a hefty charge when using the service. Of course, if you do opt to make a minimum transaction, the percentage of your deposit spent on fees will seem enormous but as long as you only make larger transactions, the method is definitely one of the cheapest.

Discrete and secure

By using your iDebit account to deposit online, you distance your personal banking details from the casino itself. This adds an extra layer of security by reducing the number of websites who have access to your sensitive information. iDebit also utilises 128-bit encryption when communicating with your banking provider. This only serves to increase the protection its users enjoy.

While it is not a concern for the vast majority of UK users, legislation in various other countries prohibits gambling and as such many banks will refuse to transact with online casinos. By using iDebit the communication takes place between the bank itself and iDebit and then between iDebit and the casino. This means that statements will never show where the money was sent, only that you made an iDebit transaction. This is a highly sought after quality in some areas of the world where restrictive legislation can limit a person’s freedom to spend their money as they see fit.

Disadvantages to playing in iDebit casinos

The main disadvantage to the UK customer is definitely the lack of options available when it comes to casinos that will accept iDebit as a deposit option. While some of the big high-street names have recently started to include the method in their cashiers, these are still a minority on UK shores. Other than this minor drawback, there are no other obvious disadvantages to using the service. If you can’t use iDebit you’ll be able to use Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club to deposit at online casinos.