InstaDebit Casinos: Steps to Depositing and Withdrawing

InstaDebit Casinos Ratings

InstaDebit is a transaction system that is made for online gambling. The catch is, the system is almost exclusively for online players in Canada. That’s pretty much it. If you live in Canada and gamble online, you’re golden. If you live elsewhere, you won’t be able to use the service. By far one of the most popular deposit options for Canadians, there are now many InstaDebit casinos willing to earn your business.

What is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a payment/withdrawal system that links your bank account with a merchant without the merchant having access to your banking information. It’s like writing a cheque without the account numbers. You register for an account by giving InstaDebit your banking information, find a casino that accepts the system and transact money with the use of a password.

The advantages of using InstaDebit in an online casino

You can tell that InstaDebit was designed with online casino players in mind, because it offers the benefits casino players look for.

It’s simple – With InstaDebit, it is easy to register, easy to use and easy to keep track of deposits and withdrawals.

It’s fast – Most deposits are processed in minutes, and withdrawals usually come through within hours.

It’s secure – InstaDebit goes out of its way to assure the safety of your funds and the privacy of your information.

It’s thrifty – Registering is free, and there is no deposit fee with InstaDebit. The casino is assessed the charge. There may be small fee if currency conversion is needed. Of course, a casino may charge fees for withdrawals.

In addition to those benefits, many online casinos have special bonus offers for users of the InstaDebit system.

How to sign-up to InstaDebit Canada

It’s easy to register for the InstaDebit service, if you can get it at all. The best way to find out, is to go to the InstaDebit site and register. Registration is free – you don’t have to deposit a thing. You don’t even have to provide your bank account information until you are ready to use it. Once you provide your account information you can move money into your InstaDebit account and then transfer funds to casinos.

How to use InstaDebit casinos


Once you’ve found an online casino that accepts InstaDebit transactions, you simply click on the InstaDebit payment option. You’ll then provide the password set up through InstaDebit, designate the amount you want to deposit, and almost instantly you are ready to play. There may be a daily and/or monthly deposit limit.


Withdrawals work much the same way as deposits, with a few hitches. You withdraw money into your InstaDebit account balance, and you can use that money for other purchases or to transfer into your registered bank account. Depending on the casino and the amount of withdrawal, it may take up to 24 hours for the transfer from the casino to the InstaDebit account. Moving money from InstaDebit to your bank will take up to eight business days. Withdrawals of over $10,000 will take even longer. There are also minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

Availability of InstaDebit

We could not find a bank outside of Canada that offers the InstaDebit service. For residents of Canada, the service is widely available. If you are in the USA, your InstaDebit inquiry will probably be met with a blank screen or a note that says you can’t get to the site. If you live in the United Kingdom we recommend reading our PayPal and Paysafecard payment guides.

Online casinos accepting InstaDebit

Most online casinos accepting players from Canada accept InstaDebit, but only players with a Canadian bank account will be able to use the service to deposit and withdraw. The Canadian online casinos featured in this guide all offer InstaDebit.


That password you use for transferring money is well guarded. The InstaDebit people recognize the importance of security to online casino players and they maintain advanced encryption technology to assure that. They also employ firewalls and round-the-clock monitoring.


If you live in Canada and like to play online casinos, InstaDebit is certainly the way to go. You have little to no worry of your banking info hanging around the casino, and you can move money quickly and with little cost. If you live elsewhere, we recommend NETELLER or Skrill.