Best Maestro Casinos – Using a Maestro Debit Card to Gamble Online

Reviewing casinos that accept Maestro

Maestro debit cards have been around for a while and were once a favourite payment system for online casino players. Trouble is, the number of Maestro casinos in the United Kingdom has been dwindling in recent years. Once called Switch in the UK, Maestro is still generally accepted at UK casinos, however. Maestro offers players a number of advantages, including fast transaction speed, security and can used to withdraw as well.

Maestro Debit Card online casino acceptance

While Maestro is still widely available in a number of countries in Europe, it has gradually been phased out in the UK, in the midst of the competitive scrap between Visa and MasterCard. But it is owned by MasterCard, so UK players may be able to find Maestro at smaller local banks that issue MasterCard. If you live in the UK and want a Maestro, ask your bank. Outside of the UK, Maestro debit cards are still available at many major banks, particularly those in the EU.

Since Maestro is a multi-national card and UK casinos accept players from a lot of countries, it is easy to find UK casinos that accept Maestro, including some major gambling houses that are primarily bookmakers. The wide variety of Maestro casinos means that shopping for the right bonuses, games, software and other features should be relatively easy.

Advantages of using Maestro for online casinos

Using Maestro debit cards to gamble online

Maestro Casino Deposits

Maestro is a pretty flexible debit card that has a lot of things going for it.

Withdrawals – For online casino players, one of the big things is the fact that you can use it to withdraw money as well as deposit. Of course, each online casino has its own individual rules and stipulations for withdrawals, and you should check those out when considering a casino. But with many of the UK Maestro casinos we checked, the withdrawal option was there.

Speed – We online game junkies like our speed, and depositing with Maestro is as quick as anything out there. Because Maestro is a non-intervening intermediary, the transaction is essentially between the bank and the casino, cutting off any additional verification. So a deposit goes through in minutes, if not seconds. Withdrawals take longer, but that is usually because of online casino policy. Again, Terms and Conditions section of the casino site should detail this information.

Your budget – Since it is like a bank transfer, the Maestro deposit won’t go any higher than what is in your account, and there are often limits to single amounts. Without the revolving credit that comes with credit cards, you can keep a handle on your gambling expenses, and easily check that in your bank statement.

Security – Because of its affiliation with MasterCard, a Maestro transaction assures the same kind of security. In some cases, you may be able to take advantage of the MasterCard secure code system, which is an added layer of safety in your transaction.

Fees – You’ll rarely run into any fees when you use Maestro Debit Card deposits, and when you do, they are barely noticeable. Some casinos tack on a small charge for international transactions or currency conversions, particularly upon withdrawal. Check the casino’s individual policy for this.

The single disadvantage with the Maestro Debit Card is that it is simply not as available in the UK as it once was. Other countries in Europe – Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands are three – still have major banks that offer Maestro. India and China have Maestro banking, too. If you don’t have a Maestro debit card we recommend PayPal, Neteller or Skrill for casino deposits.

Using Maestro casinos in the UK and Europe

Maestro acts about the same as any other debit card when it comes to depositing. You simply click on the Deposit, Cashier or Banking tab on the casino menu, and choose Maestro as your payment option. Enter your card number, designate an amount for deposit (there’s usually a maximum and minimum), and you are moments away from being funded for play.