Best MasterCard Casinos for Deposits and Payouts

Mastercard for Online Casino DepositsCASINO players around the world can use a MasterCard-branded credit card, debit card or prepaid card to instantly fund an online casino account and begin playing. We rank the best MasterCard casinos in this casino banking guide.

Follow these three simple steps to deposit real money using MasterCard.

  1. Join any online casino listed on this page.
  2. Visit the cashier, then enter your card number and CVV/CVC (3 Digits).
  3. Enter the amount to deposit, click confirm and start playing instantly.

Trusted MasterCard casinos use 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption, so there’s no need to worry about your credit card details or personal information becoming compromised on the Internet.

Most casinos also utilize MasterCard SecureCode, which adds another layer of security to transactions made online. When you make a deposit you’ll need to input your private SecureCode to complete the transaction.

If your MasterCard doesn’t a have private SecureCode, you can register one online.

Processing time and fees

With the registration process included, it takes about 5-6 minutes from the time you click on the casino link to the time you can be playing with real money. It’s quick.

With a global payment method like MasterCard, your experience depositing at an online casino will vary based on where you live.

Some casinos charge a fee for MasterCard deposits, but those can be easily avoided. Keep in mind, there may be currency conversion fees charged by the casino in some cases.

If your casino account currency is £GBP and your MasterCard is £GBP, there will be no conversion. However, if your account currency is $USD and your MasterCard is $CAD, the funds will need to be converted.

That’s why it’s important to play with online casinos in your local currency when possible.

Issuing banks may charge a transaction fee, which is the player’s responsibility.

Minimum and Maximum Transaction limits

Of course online casinos have minimum and maximum transaction limits in place, but most players will never hit the max limits. The limits listed below are per transaction, not weekly and monthly limits.

So, while your max limit may be £1000 in a single day, you’re likely to be able to deposit in the range of £2500 – £5,000 per week, using the same card.

Minimum Deposits Using M/C:

Typically £20 / €20 / $20, but we’ve seen them as low as £10 / €10 / $10.

Maximum Deposits Using M/C:

Typically £1000 – £2500, but we’ve seen them as high as £10,000. It depends entirely on the individual casino policy.

Credit, debit and prepaid cards aren’t the best way to deposit a large sum of cash to a casino online.

For players looking to make larger deposits, we recommend an ewallet like PayPal, NETELLER or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). Many casinos accept deposits of up to £100,000 / €100,000 / $100,000 with these deposit methods.

Accepted currencies

The currencies accepted vary by casino, but that is what is for – to help players find the right casinos to play at based on their location.

MasterCard deposits can be processed in pounds sterling (£GBP), euro (€EUR), Australian dollars ($AUD), Canadian dollars ($CAD), US dollars ($USD) and several European currencies, among others.

MasterCard debit and prepaid casino deposits

Not everyone has access to a credit card or even wants one for that matter.

If you don’t have a MasterCard credit card, you’re not out of luck, far from it in fact. Online casinos accept MasterCard debit and prepaid cards too, although like credit cards, transactions may be declined.

Maestro is owned by MasterCard and provides customers with a MasterCard-branded debit card.

Online Casino MasterCard Banking

MasterCard Deposit Form

Online casinos accept Maestro or MasterCard Debit. Deposits are performed using the same steps as above, but rather than using MasterCard SecureCode, a PIN is required for debit card deposits.

A Maestro debit card can be connected to a bank account or utilized just like a prepaid card.

There are lots of MasterCard-branded prepaid cards, including Vanilla MasterCard, which can be purchased at stores in many countries or online. However, Maestro is preferred over other MasterCard prepaid cards.

Debit and prepaid cards from MasterCard have numerous benefits over MasterCard credit cards.

First off, payments are successfully processed more often at online casinos. No personal information is given to the casino either, which many players prefer. Plus, with a prepaid card, there’s no money to steal anyways.

Those concerned with safety may wish to get a Maestro prepaid card to use for online casino payments.

Payout information (withdrawals)

A lot of online casinos don’t even offer MasterCard withdrawals. It’s still possible to deposit using MasterCard, but casino players will need to utilize another payment method in order to process payouts.

For instance, US players may want to use Western Union or Canadians may want to have a cheque issued.

There are a small number of online casinos still processing MasterCard payouts, but they can even be hit or miss because MasterCard issuing banks may decline the transaction if they wish.

UK casino players are able to receive MasterCard withdrawals from an online casino, but every other country is either completely blocked from MasterCard casino payouts or face potential restrictions.

MasterCard payouts are slow when compared with other casino deposit options too. The issuing bank can also charge fees for withdrawals, so ask your bank before requesting a payout to learn about any fees.

Depositing with MasterCard is safe, secure and convenient, but there are easier withdrawal methods.

Issuing Bank Rewards & Security Features

The main benefit to using M/C for a casino deposit is if you are, or near to become a World or World Elite status customer. With World Elite status there are some additional perks like discounted cruises, airfare, car rentals and a variety of insurance and concierge benefits.

Keep in mind that perks come from your issuing bank, not the credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard, Discover etc), so people looking for a new card should be comparing banks rather than Mastercard vs Visa. It’s one thing to achieve World Elite status, but if your issuing bank isn’t offering an aggressive rewards program then you should be looking for a new credit card provider.

Mastercard and Visa offer very similar security features. For example, Mastercard offers a feature called SecureCode which is essentially their version of Verified by Visa. It requires that customers use a password before a purchase can be made, creating an additional layer of security. Other security features built into both cards are very similar as well, so there isn’t much reason for people to use this as a deciding factor in which card they choose to deposit with.

It comes down to this – if you prefer the perks you get from your Mastercard over other credit cards you might have, then use it. If you prefer the perks you get from another card, use that one instead.

Mastercard issuers in the UK

This is a list of some of the more common M/C issuers in the U.K.:

Aqua Card Avios
Bank of Scotland Barclaycard
Capital One Danske Bank
Halifax HSBC Bank
Lloyds TSB M&S Credit Card
MBNA Natwest
Post Office Mastercard RBS
Sainsbury’s Bank Santander
The partnership card from John Lewis and Waitrose Virgin Credit Card

Confirming your identity – KYC

Online casinos deal with a lot of fraud, so for their security and yours, casinos require players to confirm their identity before they can request a withdrawal. This is especially true when using a credit card.

Casinos need to make sure you’re the rightful owner of the MasterCard you’re using for deposits.

Confirming your identity is simple – simply send the online casino a scan of your passport, license or ID card, plus a copy of a utility bill. The utility bill is used to confirm you reside at the address you used when joining.

Why was My Mastercard Deposit Declined?

If your Mastercard deposit is declined, it’s usually because of the issuing bank. In the US and Canada, for instance, MasterCard credit card deposits may be declined.

There are alternatives if your MasterCard doesn’t work, including American Express, Diners Club or Visa Electron.