Ultimate Guide to No Deposit Casino Bonuses – Free Spins & Cash

Free Online Casino Money

Ever walked into a Vegas casino and had an attendant hand you cash and say, “Here. Go play.”? Yeah, well don’t count on it. That’s not exactly the way things work in the online casino world, either. But the no deposit online casino is actually kind of like that … kind of. To carry the Vegas casino analogy further, that attendant would follow you around the casino to see what games you played, and if you tried leaving with money, he would grab you at the door and say, “Leave your money with us until next time.” That’s more like the way the online no deposit casino works. The old adages apply to the no deposit casino online. Nothing is free. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Now, no deposit is just what it says it is; you don’t have to deposit anything to play in a no deposit online casino. But don’t get any wise ideas. The casino gives you money to play with, but not to leave with. That’s because of course online casinos don’t just give away money. To take full advantage of the amount they give you, you have to earn that money by playing a certain amount.

There are worse things than playing with house money for a while, and that’s what makes the no deposit casino so attractive for many players. If you are new to the gambling world, you can put that initial free money to use by learning games, table layouts, how odds work and what your favorite games might be. If you already know about casino gambling, but want to familiarize yourself with an online casino site, you can put that window of free play to work by tooling around the site to find out things like if the software and navigation suit you. It’s a perfect way to shop for an online casino, because you can spend an evening playing in a few online casinos and making comparisons without having to spend a dime.

All in all, the no deposit online casino is a pretty good deal, if you don’t mind getting a few extra promotional emails.

Here’s one thing you have to do before you take advantage of a no deposit casino: Read the fine print. We can’t stress this enough, because if you’re clever, good or just lucky, and you come out a winner, your knowledge of the withdrawal stipulations is crucial to getting your money out. And no deposit online casinos have a wide variety of things you have to do before you can take advantage of that free play by withdrawing money. Some casinos give a brief explanation of the withdrawal conditions under their Promotions or Banking tabs in the menu. But if you want get the real low down, you should check out the casino’s terms. Yes, it’s legalese and it takes time. But you really don’t have to be a lawyer to figure it out. Most casinos are pretty explicit with their explanations, and you can learn a lot by reading those things.

Otherwise, this article should help you along in making your no deposit casino experience easy and fun.

Types of no deposit casino offers

The types of no deposit casino offers vary according to what a casino is trying to promote or what type of player the casino is looking for. The thing to remember is that the casino makes these offers to get you to play with them for a while. The vast majority of casinos offer some variation of the following:

Cash Bonus – This is the type of bonus where the casino straight up gives you money to register and play with them. These usually range from £5 to £50, or the currency equivalent. Again, read the fine print for stipulations, which we’ll get into later. And don’t mistake this bonus for what is commonly called the Welcome Bonus, which is usually a matching bonus that requires a deposit. In other words, if you deposit £20, they’ll give you an extra £20, and your starting balance will be £40. Strict rules will apply there, too.

Bonus Code – Watch for this prompt when you go to register. It may mean that you have to make a deposit, but sometimes not. You are usually entitled to free spins or cash to start out, but you have to enter the special code to take advantage. Most times, you can find the details of these code offers in the Promotions tabs. The code may be time sensitive and change periodically. We also list these codes, if you want to compare.

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Free Spins – Slots-heavy online casinos like to dole these out to get new customers. They too come with conditions that should be checked out. Ten or more free spins is common, but we found some slots casinos that offered as many as 200 free whirls. If you like slots, look for the casinos that have periodic free spins offers for current account holders as well as newcomers.

Timed Promotion – This is an interesting and exciting take on the no deposit offer that many players like to go after. You get a big amount of money to play with – sometimes up to £2,000. The catch is, you have a limited time to go through it, usually 60 minutes. The time ticks away as you try to slam your favorite games with big bets. Check out the rules first, though. Some require you to pay back the free portion of your balance and keep the winnings if you come out ahead. Others stipulate additional playthrough requirements that prohibit withdrawals unless a set number of bets is made. If you can find a casino that uses this promotion for a game you like, it is a fun way to test your speed and concentration skills.

Free Tournaments – Tournaments are a big thing at many casinos, and a number of different games can be played. Blackjack and poker are pretty popular. But these are usually not the types of offers for newbies, because the betting and play strategies for winning tournaments are a bit different than if you’re just trying to beat the house or come out ahead. You’re playing other people who know how to time and concentrate their big bets. But it does give you a chance to size up your competitive ability.

Rules and stipulations of no deposit online casinos

Pay attention, folks. Online casinos want you to grind it out with them for a while, so they make you earn that free stuff they give out when you register. Make sure to go over those Terms and Conditions before you plan to withdraw any winnings. Here are the types of stipulations you may run into:

You’ll have to hang out for a while

The first thing to remember is that a no deposit casino offer usually is designed to keep you in play for a period of time to give the casino a chance to prove itself and to keep your business as long as possible. If you play out your free money and don’t like the casino, you’re free to move on. But if you happen to win, be prepared to jump through a few hoops. Most times, these rules are known as playthrough rules.

No deposit offers for particular games

Some no deposit casinos promote certain games for you to qualify for the no deposit deal. Often these games are ones in which the odds tilt more toward the casino, so if you don’t like the game or don’t think you can win, don’t bite. They will also stipulate which games don’t apply to the no deposit offer. Baccarat, craps and roulette are often on the list of games prohibited in the no deposit rules because the house edge is low for these three games when played strategically.

Maximum bets, numbers of wagers and time

In order to keep new players from winning a lot quickly, some casinos apply a maximum bet limit for players to qualify. That means that for any single pull of the slots, a blackjack or poker hand, or turn of the roulette wheel, you can’t go over a designated amount. Watch for this one, because some casinos may let you make a higher bet, but you’ll have blown the deal when withdrawal time comes.

Some casinos may want you to place a certain number of bets before you can cash out. They figure that if you make 500 or 1,000 bets with them, and are on top, you deserve those winnings. But the house usually has the advantage in the long run.

Rollover rules

Rollovers are the favorite playthrough technique that no deposit casinos employ to keep you in the house. Here’s how they work:

You get your no deposit bonus to play with. Then you have to eventually wager a multiple amount of that money. Let’s say your no deposit bonus is £20, and the casino designates a rollover rate that is 20 times (20X) the amount of that bonus. That means you will have to wager at least £400 (20 x 20 = 400) to qualify for a withdrawal. Again, make sure to read the terms before going after that money. You may have a maximum single bet limit. Some casinos stipulate that you can only withdraw any winnings above the original bonus amount. Others let you take out as much as you want. And some casinos require you to make at least one deposit before you can take out. Rollover rates range from 20X to 100X.

If you play long enough, you’ll find that the rollover amount is not as hard to reach as you might think, even if you play low-limit games. And for casinos that offer loyalty rewards, it might be worth your while to stick with it, raise your stakes, and collect on those extra bonuses. You also may find that you qualify for a tiered bonus, which means that when you have reached the rollover goal, you may be able to take advantage of another bonus. You will rarely be able to obtain consecutive free bonuses, however.

Promotions for players from specific countries

If a casino spots a market that they feel they can take advantage of, they will offer a no deposit deal for players in a specific country. Nations in Africa have recently been targets for the new online casino business. As laws adjust to the online casino age, new markets are opening all the time,

More on withdrawals and how to qualify for them

Ok. You stuck with a casino, met the playthrough requirements, find yourself on top of the game and want to collect some cash for all of those good plays you’ve made. It’s time to withdraw. But casinos of course don’t let go of their money easily, and they want to make sure there’s no fraud involved, so they make you go through a few more steps.

First of all, you may have had to pick a payment option when you registered, even if you didn’t have to deposit. You may want to withdraw money through the same account. But you should be aware that the casino’s withdrawal options may not be the same. For instance, you may have registered with a credit card, but not be able to withdraw into that account because of the card company’s or casino’s rules. It’s another thing you should check out upon registering. It is ideal for you to pick a payment method that you can also use to withdraw. But you may pick another withdrawal option, if you have to. Casinos often allow third-party payment systems like PayPal or Neteller as withdrawal methods. They also generally use wire transfers, bank transfers or cheques. But it is good for you to know if your bank will accept such a transaction or the casinos check, so it might be good to try a small amount with your bank to see. And keep in mind that it may take time to process those types of transactions. If you decide to be paid by cheque, for instance, don’t be surprised if it takes a month or more before that cheque hits your mailbox.

Sometimes, particularly if you want to withdraw a large amount of money, you may have to take another step in verification. It may involve providing some sort of photo identification like a passport faxed to the casino. It may be a bit annoying, because it seems like it is so much easier to deposit than to withdraw. But this may be a good thing, because it indicates that the casino is strict with its regulations in order to look out for your money as well as theirs.

You should also be aware of any extra fees on both ends. There may be things like a currency conversion fee or an international transaction fee. That of course depends on your bank, where you are and where the casino is licensed. This is why it’s important to play with online casinos in your preferred currency. If you live in the UK, playing with GBP (£) casinos is ideal.

Shopping for a no deposit casino

Since no deposit is such an alluring and popular feature of UK online casinos today, there are thousands out there to choose from. That naturally means that shopping for just the right no deposit online casino can be a bit daunting. We’ll guide you through some considerations to help you narrow the choices. But be aware that no deposit may not be for you. It doesn’t have to be the central guiding factor in your choice. You may decide according to casino security factors, design or any number of other things. But no deposit is certainly a good starting point. Here are considerations you should take into account:

Read those Terms and Conditions – Yes, we’re on that again. But the casino with the biggest no deposit bonus, may also have the toughest qualifying rules. So you have to know that stuff. Besides, you can find a lot of other good information in the Terms and Conditions page of the site that might clue you in on how reputable the casino is. You can find the section usually at the bottom of the opening page. If it is not there, try looking in the Site Map section. You will find that it is worth the few minutes it takes to go over it.

Look for the most achievable qualifications – Simply weigh the amount of the bonus with the complexity of the restrictions. Once you’ve read the T&C on a few sites, you’ll be able to tell what you want compared with what you can do. If you are a casual player, the most simple conditions may be the most reachable for you. Qualifying may cost you more money or time than you’re willing to spend.

Consider dispute resolution – If you’re going for a no deposit bonus and worry that you may have a problem eventually getting to your money, check out how the casino’s dispute resolution works. That usually involves who the casino is licensed with. They may resolve their own disputes, but it is best to find a casino that relies on an independent third party.

Look for the right payment system – No, you don’t have to deposit anything right away. But you may have to eventually deposit at least something to get any money out. So if you have a favorite deposit method, it is good to find a casino that offers your method for withdrawals as well as deposits. Not only will it make things more simple, it makes them a bit more secure, since you avoid giving out numbers for more than one account.

Consider other factors – The no deposit bonus offer is certainly a good starting point when shopping for a casino. But there are plenty of other things to take into account. Those include:

Design – If you like the looks of the games, it helps over the long run.

Device – Look for a casino with games compatible with the device you use, whether it is a PC or mobile device.

Odds – Keep in mind the return you’ll get for winning each spin or hand. For poker players, the rake or percentage the casino takes for each hand can mean a lot. Blackjack players should look for the 3-2 blackjack payoff rather than 6-5. And video poker players should find games that pay 10-1 for a full house and 7-1 for a flush.

Software – Setup, speed of play and ease of use make a difference.

Support – Casinos that have a reputation for being helpful to customers are good choices.

Licensing – For security and fair play, the territory in which the casino is licensed can make a difference, because some licensing territories are simply more serious than others. It is also a factor in dispute settlement.