Ultimate Guide to Phone Bill SMS Casinos – Boku, PayForIt & Zimpler

Phone Bill SMS Online Casinos

Ever since mobile devices became a driving force in the online casino industry, the pay by phone bill method of transaction has become a popular option for players. The speed of service, ease of use and safe handling of funds have all contributed to making the pay by phone bill casino the preference of millions of players.

Almost anytime, anywhere, you can be set up and playing an exciting game of slots or a friendly game of poker in just a few steps and just a few moments. The deposit by phone bill casino may not be for everyone. Laws, phone carrier restrictions and casino policies can limit the use of the pay by phone bill option for many players. But if you live in the right place and have the right carrier, the phone bill casino is a good choice, particularly if you use an e-tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device.

Pay by phone bill is great for players who like to limit their gambling deposits, and perfect for those who would just as soon occupy their spare time with a game of chance. It is also a good option for people who don’t like to give out bank and credit card information online.

The pay by phone bill system and how it works

The phone bill deposit system is the most simple transaction method in cyberspace. Basically, you charge your deposit amount to your phone-carrier account and pay it off at the end of the billing cycle. Your phone number is the only number you have to provide – no credit card number, bank account number or third-party payment code.

Phone bill casino deposits emerged when the iPhone, Android and Blackberry began to overtake communications. In those days online casinos were having trouble providing payment systems to these mobile device users, because the onset the apps we have today had not come about. Mobile phone users were annoyed by having to first use a payment option on their PC before being able to use the same method on their mobile device. The obvious solution became an SMS system in which the online casino player could charge a small amount to his phone bill and verify it by responding to a phone text. It obviously caught on because of its simplicity. Now millions of online casino players use the system for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is the streamline simplicity. After you have found the pay by phone bill casino that suits you, here are the few easy steps you take to be in the game:

Best SMS Phone Bill Casinos

  1. Set up your online casino account.
  2. Click on the pay by phone bill payment option at the online casino.
  3. Enter the amount you want to spend.
  4. Enter your phone number for verification.
  5. Respond to a text message.

That’s really all there is to it. The service that facilitates the system by acting as intermediary between the casino and your phone carrier, maintains the privacy of your phone number, so there is no worry about security. You will see the charge added to your phone bill when you get it.

Pay by phone bill services

There are a few major services that work with phone carriers and casinos to facilitate this service. You don’t have to register with the service – it’s just there to make sure things get processed correctly. When you use a pay by phone bill casino, you’ll sometimes see the logo of the service displayed. Here are the services that work with the majority of online casinos:


Probably the most widely used of the phone payment solution services, Boku is based in San Francisco, works in more than 60 markets, and has offices in 12 locations around the world. It serves more than 300 carriers and coordinates pay by phone bill services for digital streaming, music and games, and virtual goods, in addition to casinos. O2, Vodafone, Virgin and EE are the most popular carriers that coordinate with Boku for pay by phone bill casino services. The maximum deposit limit with Boku carriers is £30 per day; the minimum depends on the casino. The Boku logo on a casino site assures strict security and monitoring by independent agencies.


Not to be mistaken for the U.S.-based PFI, Payforit is a phone billing service in the United Kingdom that works with all UK mobile carriers. It allows users to pay for a number of digital products, including online casino payments, through one-time or subscription-based billing. That means you have the option of subscribing for a prepaid account with the service and drawing from that account, rather than paying by phone bill. But it does not mean you can withdraw from the casino using this account. For UK users, this may be a more flexible payment choice, since you can use it for other products.


A relatively new company, this Swedish-based service works with carriers there and in Finland. It is planning an expansion into the United Kingdom. People who use Swedish and Finnish carriers have access to phone bill payment services at more than 200 gaming sites, including dozens of casinos. In addition to pay by phone bill services, the company also works with credit and debit card banks. The minimum payment is €3.50 or $5, but a small fee is charged for each transaction. Zimpler adds a layer of security by issuing a new confirmation code for each deposit with your phone. The company has its own support system for user questions and complaints.

Pay by phone bill security

The very nature of the pay by phone bill service provides for security, because there is no need to offer up a bank account or credit card number. The only number you need is your phone number, and facilitating services such as the ones above go out of their way to guard it and insure your privacy. Other than the actual processing of the transaction, that’s pretty much their job. The SMS message you receive for verification assures that no one else can access the transaction. Someone would actually have to have your mobile device and be able to unlock it. Besides, the low deposit limits wouldn’t be a very lucrative target for a thief.

Advantages of phone bill SMS casinos

The simplicity and security that you enjoy by using a pay by phone bill casino are only a couple of the advantages of this transaction system. Another big advantage is something we all like: speed. As a matter of fact, in this fast-paced age, speed is something we have come to demand. Casino deposit by phone bill delivers. Since there are no long account numbers, code numbers or credit verifications necessary, the only thing the pay by phone service has to do is verify your phone number, and that’s done through the SMS message. If it takes you more than a couple of minutes to be playing your game, there’s something wrong with the casino or your phone.

Another advantage is the €/£/$30 maximum limit on your deposit. Hey, if you’re a high roller and like to go in for more, great. But for folks who like to keep a closer tab on their gambling expenses, the limit allows for a simple end-of-the-month accounting of what you spend, and that comes with your phone bill. You can deposit your 30, find a fun low-limit game and spend all afternoon playing, without any fear of exhausting you funds. And who knows, that small investment parlayed into a big jackpot could be the bargain of the century.

The pay by phone bill option is also good for people who either don’t like revolving lines of credit, or don’t otherwise have access to a credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX). You can even use a pre-paid phone account for your deposit.

Disadvantages of pay by phone bill

For all of the good things about using a pay by phone bill casino, there are some drawbacks. The big one is withdrawals. We’re all in to win money. But if you deposit by phone bill, you can’t withdraw the same way. Let’s face it; phone carriers aren’t willing to give you a lifetime of phone calls just because you hit the jackpot at a casino. So they don’t credit your account with online casino winnings. You’ll have to get your money by another method, and at pay by phone bill casinos, that usually means a bank or wire transfer or a cheque. There are pay by phone bill online casinos that offer PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or other third-party withdrawal systems in addition to debit card withdrawals, but they usually stipulate that you have to deposit using those systems in order to withdraw. When you decide to use a deposit by phone bill casino, make sure you check the Terms and Conditions page to see how they handle withdrawals. You’ll find useful information there.

You also may consider the £30 withdrawal limit a disadvantage. While limiting deposits may be good for those who want to keep a tight handle on gambling expenses, others may find the low limit a bit annoying. So if you’re a player who likes bigger stakes, you’ll want to find another payment system, unless you want to toss in a little money just to bide the time.

The other drawback is that pay by phone bill casinos aren’t accessible to everyone everywhere. The restrictions that some phone companies, some countries and some casinos lay down prohibit either paying by phone bill or even online gambling at all. For instance, U.S. carriers do not allow the casino pay by phone bill option because vague and inconsistent laws in various states. You can’t find the service even in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, where some forms of online gambling are legal. If you live in the United Kingdom, you are almost certain to find pay by phone bill, but not at some of the major sports books that host casinos. They like to deal in bigger deposits. Much of Canada and the rest of Europe have phone bill casinos, and the availability elsewhere varies. You’ll need to check with the casino to see if pay by phone bill is available and if you can obtain access.

Shopping for a pay by phone bill casino

Since pay by phone bill casinos cater mostly to people using mobile devices, you should check to see if the casino’s design and ease of navigation suits your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. It’s great that the tech whizzes at these online casinos have figured a way to squeeze a 12-foot roulette table into a four-inch display. But that may not be suitable to you and how you operate your cell phone. Or you may want to use your PC, laptop or e-tablet as well as your cell phone. So how versatile the online casino site is counts for something.

You should also look for special bonus offers for pay by phone bill users. Some casinos like to promote their phone bill payment service by offering nice rewards for those users. It may not make that much difference for your small amount of deposit, but it is still a good factor to keep in mind.

Otherwise, use the same casino shopping factors you would with any payment system – your playing habits, odds and payouts for the games you like, bonus offers for your favourite games, casino security and fair-play guarantees.

Is pay by phone bill for you?

The considerations above should give you a good idea about whether a pay by phone bill casino is a good destination for you. But if you have access and want to dip into the world of online gambling, the minimum deposits these casinos offer won’t be too much to pay to explore. If you already play online, a pay by phone bill casino might be a good alternative account for when you have down time in the airport terminal, waiting room or boring meeting room. For less than the price of a magazine, you can be playing a casino game in minutes.