Best Visa Electron Casinos – Visa Debit Card Banking Guide

Visa Electron Casino Banking Guide

Visa Electron is a relatively flexible card issued in most countries and still accepted by many online casinos in the United Kingdom. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Visa Electron is hard to find in the UK these days. Almost all major banks in the country have phased it out or replaced it.

What is Visa Electron card?

Visa Electron is a type of debit card, but with different transaction restrictions. Unlike most debit cards, you cannot overdraw on a Visa Electron card. You purchase the card for a specific amount, and that’s your limit. That’s why it is more like a prepaid card or gift card. First issued in the mid-1980s, Visa Electron became popular for airline travelers in the UK because of its bargain fee structure. Now it is more popular among younger people who may not be able to qualify for a customary credit card. It is also the choice of people who like to stick to a strict budget.

Advantages of Visa Electron for online casino deposits and payouts

Since Visa Electron offers a strict spending limit, it is good for online casino players to use as a set-aside gambling account, or bankroll, if you will. Although there is often an initial fee to purchase a Visa Electron card, the fee is very reasonable. Sometimes there is no fee at all. Visa Electron can also be used at some ATMs, while others can be topped up or reloaded. The Visa Electron is as secure for use in online casinos as any debit or credit card. Deposits are instant after you confirm the transaction allowing you to start playing casino games within minutes.

Availability of Visa Electron

While many UK online casinos still accept Visa Electron, the card is hard to find in the nation. In fact, we could find no major bank in the UK (HSBC, Barclays, Halifax, Standard Chartered, Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland) that still issues the card. In recent years, those banks have phased out the card in favor of other more conventional debit cards. Some foreign divisions of these banks still offer the card, and there are business payment services such as ICEPAY that issue it. Since the card is still widely available in Western European countries, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa, living in those countries that allow transactions with UK online casinos makes using Visa Electron easier to gamble online. But to gamble with UK online casinos, you may have to convert your currency to the pound (GBP).

Using Visa Electron at an online casino

Online casinos process Visa Electron like most other credit and debit cards. Deposits need to be approved by the sender (you), but once approved the funds are transferred instantly so you can begin playing slots, blackjack, roulette or other casino games.

Deposit limits vary by casino, but Visa Electron usually sets a daily (around £300) and/or weekly (about £1,200) limit for transactions.

If you can deposit using Visa Electron, you can usually withdraw into the account, according to the limits the casino sets. You should check the casino’s policy on this, as it can vary, but the Visa Electron casinos we feature all offer payouts back on to the card.

If you like to play on the go, there are several Visa Electron online casinos that offer apps for people using gaming accounts for mobile devices.

Visa Electron fees

Low fees are one of the advantages of Visa Electron, but we did find cards that charge an annual fee of £35. Other cards charge a transaction fee of around two percent.

Our recommendation

Visa Electron is certainly a good card for younger people, who may not otherwise qualify for credit, and for more budget-conscious players who want to set a limit for their online gambling. That is, if you can find it. If you live in the UK, its availability is the big drawback. If you live in a country where the Visa Electron is more widely available, there are few drawbacks of using the debit card at online casinos. Payouts will take one-three days to process, but if that’s not a problem, Visa Electron is safer to use than Visa, AMEX or MasterCard credit cards.