Visa Casinos Online Ratings and Banking Guide

Online Casino Visa Banking GuideOne of the most popular deposit methods for UK online casinos is using a Visa card. Visa casinos accept players from around the world, although some companies impose country restrictions. Don’t worry though, the casinos on this page accept Visa and players from your country.

Highest rated Visa casinos (Debit/Credit)

Probably the most common Visa transactions in the UK are made using a Visa debit card. The majority of banks here in the British Isles issue cards with their current accounts and one can definitely expect the likes of Natwest, Barclays, Halifax and others to provide them for customers who are setting up a new account. Visa debit cards are also popular in other countries, including Canada and Australia.

Casino players have an abundance of choices if they choose to gamble using a Visa. Credit cards have always been the most popular way to deposit at online casinos because deposits are instant. There’s no signing up for an eWallet or purchasing a voucher. Some players will find that their Visa is restricted from online gambling deposits and if this happens to you we recommend using one of the other popular banking methods we’ve reviewed on our website.

Another benefit of playing with our highest rated Visa casinos is the fact you’ll be able to claim all of the bonuses offered by the casinos. Some payment options limit the bonuses you claim, but that’s not the case with Visa. We know security is important to our readers and we only recommend Visa casinos that utilize the latest security technology, including 128-bit SSL digital encryption. This ensures your payment information will remain encrypted and secure from prying eyes.

Making your first Visa deposit at an online casino

Whether you opted for a Visa credit or debit card the next steps towards making your deposit will be the same.

First, you need to select a casino. Due to the fact that you will be using a Visa transaction to deposit, the options will be wide open here. As we’ve already mentioned, the vast majority of established online casinos operating accept this method for deposits, so you will have to use a different parameter to narrow your search. One tip is to check for casinos offering big casino bonuses or provide the specific games you wish to play.

Once you have decided on a casino, it is time to register an account. Be sure to read any welcome bonus information before you complete the registration process as a ‘Bonus Code’ is sometimes required at this stage. You will not be asked for any card details yet, you simply need a valid email address and to provide your postal address, phone number, name and age.

Online Casino Visa Deposits

Visa Deposit Form

Once registered and you have had a chance to have a browse around the site and decided that you definitely want to play at the provider in question, it is time to make a deposit. Deposit options are universally clear to spot on online casino sites. Funnily enough, they are quite keen to get you to part with your cash. Find the word ‘Deposit’ glaring out on the site’s homepage somewhere and give it a click.

You will be directed towards the main deposit page where you will have to fill in various additional details. First, select the deposit option you require, in this case Visa (either credit or debit) and begin to fill in the information that are requested of you. You will be asked to provide the long number printed across your Visa debit or credit card, the expiry date, the billing address, the card security number and also the amount of your deposit. Again, it is not uncommon to be prompted for a Bonus Code at this point and whether you require one or not to activate a welcome bonus will depend on the terms of whichever casino you are depositing at.

Once you have completed all of the information and clicked ‘deposit’ you will most likely be taken to a ‘Verified by Visa’ link. Here you will need to enter various characters from the password you set up as part of the registration process for the card itself. Once your deposit has been authorised, you will be able to use the funds you transferred immediately.

Advantages of using Visa when gambling online

Here are some of the main advantages of using a Visa credit or debit card in order to deposit at an online casino.

Free instant transactions

Visa deposits at online UK casinos are usually entirely free for customers. As well as this, once authorised, the funds are immediately available to use. However, there is often a minimum required deposit amount. Luckily this is usually pretty low. A figure of around £5 or £10 is the norm. PayPal, NETELLER and Skrill also offer free instant online casino transactions.


Owing to their multi-factor authentication methods, Visa transactions are very secure. Not only do you need access to the card details themselves but a separate password is also required to use the account’s funds. This ensures that only you can make purchases or deposits to casino websites from your card.

Hugely reputable company

Visa itself is a globally recognised service provider who processes millions of transactions daily. It isn’t like you are entrusting your hard earned money to a shady company and as such users should feel secure that their details and funds themselves are perfectly safe with Visa.

Disadvantages of using Visa at internet casinos

Withdrawal times

Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks of using credit or debit card transactions to deposit at UK online casinos is the time withdrawals take to reach your account. Some lower volume sites have been known to take over a week from a withdrawal being processed to you receiving funds. This can be quite an inconvenience but luckily the time taken for this process has been greatly reduced by some of the biggest online casino game providers out there. However, withdrawals will still usually take longer to Visa credit or debit cards than other account funding methods, such as eWallets.

Overbearing security measures

This one can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on your own viewpoint and circumstance but Visa credit and debit card providers can seemingly randomly place blocks on your card with no warning for activity they deem suspicious. It is almost guaranteed that the first transaction you make to a casino game website will be blocked and a phone call will be required to verify that all the transactions made were actually you. This can be frustrating, particularly if you are an active depositor and get faced with a barrage of blockages in quick succession. If this is the case for you, try explaining to the customer service representative that you speak to that you are a high volume online gambler and will be making several similar transactions on a frequent basis. They may be able to place a note on your account overriding automatic blocks that may occur as a result of such deposits. However, some providers are reluctant to do this. Natwest, in my experience, being one of them.

Alternatives to Visa

There are several other options to make deposits to UK online casinos as opposed to Visa credit or debit cards. The majority of these have been covered on different pages of this site. The most similar options are MasterCard, AMEX and Diners Club.